People and Portraits.

I find that teaching myself the finer points of photography,  specifically the portrait,  I find I get the most joy from taking photos of people both in my studio and out.

Infant and toddler portraits
Maternity photography

Maternity photos, and maternity/boudoir photography is one of my favorite avenues of this craft to pursue.  I have found that this subset of photography gives me untold enjoyment, and I offer steep discounts to those women interested in chronicling their pregnancies.

The Pinup project

Capturing the sparkle of humanity in a person’s eyes is the goal I strive to attain.

AliPinup 2021
Ali 2021















St Merrique 2018



Katt 2021
Katt 2021





















Katt from my first shoot of 2021













































Chained hands
Sara 2020































Johannie 2016



Mohawk Dreams










Kathryn 2017


Brittany 2018.

















Brittany 2018


Solar 2018
Solar 2018
St. Merrique 2018


Floofie 2018




Nova Amour 2017


Nova Amour 2017




those eyes
Brittany 2018


Amanda 2017











JordanB glowing
Jordan 2017
Ashley 2015
Intensity 2015




Should you be interesting in modeling for me, entirely to your own comfort level.
Please send me a message via this contact form, or capturesreality @ gmail dot com.