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Photography is my ongoing passion and has been for most of my life.

I began to seriously educate myself on the technical and artistic sides of photography 11 years ago, and I keep learning and trying to capture that spark of humanity that we don’t see in our own view of ourselves.

We look in a mirror, or at a photo of ourselves, and we usually see our own insecurities about our self-imposed “flaws” and my goal is to convince you that you are indeed more than your supposed “flaws”.

Please book a session and let me change your mind about your self view!

General photography

I shoot a variety of types of photography, I began focusing on the beauty of our skies, clouds, sunrise and sunsets burning rolls of color film in that quest, and family snapshots without much technique showing.

I still look for sunsets, moving water, and pretty flowers,  but my main focus is on people, portraits, and emotion of humanity.

Skies, sunsets, clouds and the moon.

Portraits, fashion, and maternity photography

Just as the link says, I love shooting them all!

Wedding photography

I have shot several weddings, and I am not opposed to shooting them, I just don’t promote myself as a “wedding photographer”


Boudoir, Glamour and Pinup photography

There may be partial nudity in the Glamour and boudoir link.